Mr. Jones

All About Mr. Jones

Birthplace: Montclair, Ca 

Elementary Schools:

Willard and Washington - Pasadena, Ca

Middle School:

Will Rogers - Miami, Ok

High Schools:

Miami High School - Miami, Ok

Rowland High School - Rowland, Ca

Arroyo High School - El Monte, Ca



San Diego State University - San Diego, Ca 

  I believe in:

  • A rigorous schedule that pushes students to their limits to maximize their learning and expectations of themselves. 
  • All students want to learn, it is just the challenge of finding out what reaches the students to achieve their best. 
  • All students are taught and rewarded for their accomplishments through praise and good grades. 


Food: Mexican

Color: Green

Car: Chrysler 300 (Yes! My car)

Vacation: (dream vacation) New Zealand

Movie: Emperor's New Groove

Sport: cross country, football, basketball

Hobby: Running

Passion: Teaching

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