Republic Day in Pakistan

 1     Think about something important to you. Not just something a little important--but very important. Something you'd fight for. A friend? Your family? What about your country? What about religion? Perhaps all of those things are important to you. As you can guess, those things are very important to many people around the world. And some people have had to fight hard for all of them. The country of Pakistan is a good example.
2     Pakistan is a country in Southern Asia. It is located next to India, Afghanistan, Iran, and China. Pakistan is a big country. Its size is about twice the size of California. But there are a lot more people living in Pakistan than there are in California. The population of Pakistan is about 160 million! Most of the Pakistan people are Muslims, which makes it one of the largest Islamic states in the world.
3     The history of Pakistan began thousands of years ago. Along with Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, Pakistan was home to some of the earliest civilizations on Earth! Many of its traditions are almost as old as the land in Pakistan. An interesting part of Pakistan's growth is its religions. And Pakistan has had many religions.
4     For hundreds of years, there were many different majority religions. At one time or another, the religions of Vedic, Sikh, Islam, and Hindu held power in the region of Pakistan. The Hindu religion came to the region from neighboring India--in fact, the land of Pakistan was once part of India. In the mid-20th century, the two countries were split, partly because of religious differences.
5     The Muslim community in India's northwest got together in the early 20th century. They formed the Muslim League. This group argued that they should be independent from India. For many years, they were ignored both by the rest of India and the British who ruled India at the time. But by the mid-1940s, violence between Muslims and Hindus was terrible. The British understood they couldn't ignore the problem any longer.
6     In 1948, the British gave the Muslims their own state. This new state was called Pakistan, meaning "land of the pure." And on March 23, Pakistan created its own constitution. This made Pakistan a fully independent republic. And it is on this day every year that Pakistanis honor all those people who worked so hard to give Muslims an independent home.


Answer and Submit

1. Where is Pakistan located?

2. Pakistan is a mostly-Muslim country.

3. Pakistan has always been Muslim.

4. The name Pakistan means what?

5. What happened in Pakistan on March 23, 1948?

6. Pakistan is home to some of the oldest civilizations on earth.

7. The Hindu religion came to the people of Pakistan from what country?

8. Muslims and Hindus always got along in India.

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