In 1585, Queen Elizabeth I allowed Sir Walter Raleigh to start a colony in America. He named the land Virginia. Sir Walter Raleigh sent his cousin Sir Richard Grenville, to pick a site for a colony.

     Sir Richard Grenville left for the new world and took seven ship and 600 men. On the voyage they got caught in a storm, only two ships survived. Then they landed on Roanoke Island. There colonists built a fort and lots of house. Sir Richard Grenville left for England after a couple of weeks. He planed to return to Roanoke Island With supplies that spring.

      More settlers joined the original settlers on Roanoke Island in 1587. It is in the state of North Carolina. Roanoke was England’s first colony found in America. They had 108 men when they landed on Roanoke. In 1587 Sir Richard Grenville returned to England for supplies and left Governor Ralph Lane in charge of the settlement.

     In 1587 there was a second settlement in Roanoke Island. The leader of the settlement was Sir Walter Raleigh. The Governor was John White and he was in charge of the expedition and the settlement. John White return to England to get supplies and he promised to return the following year.

     In 1590 after having trouble getting ship out of England because of the problems with the spanish. He finally returned to Roanoke Island with five ships and more colonists. Roanoke was found deserted. The only thing found was writing on a tree that spelled,”Croatoan”. No one knew for sure what happened to the settlers. John White returned to England for the last time.




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